An idiot’s guide to flying: UK to Australia

I have flown a lot over the past few years but still I manage to get myself into stupid situations. You could call this an idiot’s guide to flying as I make my way from the UK to Australia. Read what happened here >

Lads on tour in Jaipur: Rajasthan, India

Me and the boys spent 9 hours on various classes of Indian Railways for our two day trip to Jaipur. We ate curry, KFC, watched footie and drank beer. Typical. Being the lady that I am, I did indulge in a spot of shopping AND get my hair cut. Find out what went on…

The Taj Mahal: Agra, India

There’s really only one reason to travel to Agra and that’s to see the magnificent Taj Mahal. A pictures speaks a thousand words so have a scroll through mine to see this icon in all its glory.

Back to backpacking: Delhi, India

After selling my bicycle, I tested out India’s public transport system with many comfortable but mostly very non-comfortable journeys. I revisited the western world with a trip to the mall, sweet treats and takeouts with travellers at the hostel. No longer a cycle tourist, I have regained my backpacking status.