Does everything happen for a reason?: Tauranga, New Zealand

  “Always look on the bright side of life”. To be honest I’m really struggling right now. The sun has questionably risen (its so dark and wet out there) and I’ve been in Auckland airport for 16 hours with another 12 to go before my flight. How did this happen I hear you ask? Well…let’s…Continue reading Does everything happen for a reason?: Tauranga, New Zealand

Memoirs of Tarquin Part Two: Northland, New Zealand

The final instalment from our road trip around Northland. Flat tyres, camping at the most northern point, New Zealand’s “best” food and all sorts of weird and wonderful mishaps. Read on to find out…

Memoirs of Tarquin Part One: Northland, New Zealand

On my recent road trip around New Zealand’s Northland I gave blogging a miss. Luckily my travel companion Tarquin documented our adventures along the way. In his own words, I present to you the memoirs of Tarquin.

Beer, batch and burgers: Raglan, Waikato

For Kiwi’s it’s all about the three B’s: beer, batch and boats. I joined friends in the hippie surf town of Raglan a couple of hours up the west coast from Auckland. Apart from a trip to beautiful bridal veil falls, it was pretty much beer and batch.