A week in Limbo: back to Bangkok

What to do? After a nearly a week of trying to decide which route to take around Asia I’ve realised that whichever route I choose I will meet a whole host of different people and even if I take the same route as others I’ve met, I am unlikely to have the same experience. That’s the beauty…Continue reading A week in Limbo: back to Bangkok

Jungle Trekking Chiang Mai

Back to basics The sleeper train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai was surprisingly OK. I took the top bunk and despite the hard bed and pillow (standard in Asia) I was able to get a little sleep. We had a hearty but fairly rushed meal on the train consisting of a lovely Asian soup, stir fried veg and rice and pineapple,…Continue reading Jungle Trekking Chiang Mai

Bustling Bangkok

Wow what a city. The first few days of my journey was spent relaxing by a roof top pool overlooking bustling Bangkok. The calmness was a world away from the streets below, with the smell of noodles and spring rolls the only thing reminding me that I’m here. We had a fairly early night the…Continue reading Bustling Bangkok

The beginning of an adventure

And so it begins!  You may have heard about my planned adventure from our recent rumblings on Facebook and Twitter. Sam and I are heading off to South East Asia for five months or so before moving to Sydney in July where Sam has a job lined up. My life possessions are currently contained in just…Continue reading The beginning of an adventure