Conquering Mt Triglav, Slovenia’s highest peak

The past four years of my life travelling the world has been one big adventure. Whether it’s navigating to a new destination, cycling across India or hiking up a mountain in New Zealand, my adrenaline was on a constant high. In October, I had been back in England for four months and was longing for…Continue reading Conquering Mt Triglav, Slovenia’s highest peak

Meet Marco: Skiing in Switzerland

Introducing Marco, my new (ish) partner in crime. We headed to Switzerland for a long weekend to enjoy the snow and visit his friends Nico and Cici. A day in Geneva city, a day on the slopes, a morning to explore and an afternoon to relax in a somewhat naked spa. The final day topped it all. A day walking up a mountain with snow shoes.

Climbing Mountains in Norway

My first trip to Norway was an adventurous one. I met my New Zealand hiking buddy for a weekend of mountain peaks, waterfalls and fjords. Snowy hikes presented new challenges and left me with unforgettable memories.

Seville and Ronda: A Family Holiday

It was time for another family holiday minus my brother Hugo who, since his teenage years, doesn’t really “do” family gatherings. Dad booked the three of us into¬†Hotel Casas de El Arenal¬†(which was very nice) in Seville for four nights. Whilst this was my parents first visit to Seville, this was my second after spending…Continue reading Seville and Ronda: A Family Holiday