Meet Marco: Skiing in Switzerland

Introducing Marco, my new (ish) partner in crime. We headed to Switzerland for a long weekend to enjoy the snow and visit his friends Nico and Cici. A day in Geneva city, a day on the slopes, a morning to explore and an afternoon to relax in a somewhat naked spa. The final day topped it all. A day walking up a mountain with snow shoes.

Climbing Mountains in Norway

My first trip to Norway was an adventurous one. I met my New Zealand hiking buddy for a weekend of mountain peaks, waterfalls and fjords. Snowy hikes presented new challenges and left me with unforgettable memories.

Seville and Ronda: A Family Holiday

It was time for another family holiday minus my brother Hugo who, since his teenage years, doesn’t really “do” family gatherings. Dad booked the three of us into Hotel Casas de El Arenal (which was very nice) in Seville for four nights. Whilst this was my parents first visit to Seville, this was my second after spending […]

A guide to New Zealand’s best tramps

New Zealand is the perfect destination for hiking. They even have their own word for it: tramping. I became quite an expert on my new found hobby and would like to share this guide to some of my favourite walks with you.