A guide to New Zealand’s best tramps

New Zealand is the perfect destination for hiking. They even have their own word for it: tramping. I became quite an expert on my new found hobby and would like to share this guide to some of my favourite walks with you.

Tramping the Tararua Peaks – Part 2: New Zealand

Following on from my first blog post on hiking the Taraura Peaks, I come to the end of what was a challenging but perfect multi-day tramp. Read about my journey including the vertical ladder I had to climb..

Tramping the Tararua Peaks Part 1: New Zealand

Tramping the notorious Tararua Peaks was never going to be easy. A tough track following the ridge of multiple mountain peaks lasting 4/5 days. I was one of the lucky ones and catch the ranges in good weather. Read on to find out what happened..

Summiting Mount Taranaki: New Plymouth, New Zealand

Climbing Mt Taranaki and sunset at Syme Hut have been on my list of must-dos for some time. A fantastic week in New Plymouth with new friends ended perfectly. A spectacular sunset followed by a summit climb. Read on…