My food blog

  In 2012 I launched my first self-hosted website Since then it’s transformed in to a popular food blog featuring restaurant and product reviews in the UK and abroad. Now a labour of love between my mother and I, it’s one of the things that keep us close despite the distance between each other. I’ve recently used…Continue reading My food blog

The Peacock Inn, Oxhill, Warwickshire

My husband Geoff and I were staying at Oxbourne House in Oxhill, Warwickshire a lovely B&B run by Posy and Graeme McDonald which we found on the Alastair Sawday website. Oxhill is a small rural village situated roughly half-way between Stratford-on-Avon and Banbury and so is close to many places to visit in the Cotswolds . We…Continue reading The Peacock Inn, Oxhill, Warwickshire

A week in Carpentras, France

Note to one’s self – look up the local delicacies (especially cakes & sweets) before visiting abroad, that way you won’t miss out on anything important. A month ago I spent a week cycling around Carpentras in the south of France with a group of friends. We had such glorious weather, it was up to…Continue reading A week in Carpentras, France