Fukuoka: Japan

I arrived in Hakata Bus Station, Fukuoka at 22:35 knowing full well all reasonably priced accommodation was fully booked. I thought I’d take my chances and try a couple of hostels I saw unavailable online as often places keep a handful of their beds for walk-ins. The second hostel I visited was closed for the evening,…Continue reading Fukuoka: Japan

A big splurge in the Alps: Okuhida Onsen-go, Japan

After a relaxing few days with Sham in Nagoya, I hopped on a bus to Takayama, about three hours north, close to the Okuhida Hot Spring Villages in the Alps (Japan). I had splashed out and booked myself a room in a Ryokan Kazeya which is a traditional Japanese-style accommodation usually having it’s own Onsen (hot springs).…Continue reading A big splurge in the Alps: Okuhida Onsen-go, Japan

Living life as an expat: Nagoya, Japan

I always make the effort to meet up with friends wherever I am in the world, using those I’ve previously met travelling as the perfect excuse to visit a destination. I first met Sham in Hong Kong last year where we spent a day exploring the city after a couchsurfing meet-up at the Mid-Autumn (mooncake) Festival. Sham…Continue reading Living life as an expat: Nagoya, Japan

Four destinations in a day; Hiroshima, Japan

Visiting four destinations in a day to get that all important photo moment was a bit wasted on me. Seeing the world isn’t about ticking things off a list or adding to an expanding photo album, it’s about new experiences, enjoying the moment and taking it all in. My trip to Hiroshima and Miyajima was quite an adventure to say the least.