Wanaka to the West Coast: Cycling New Zealand – Part 3

After quite an ordeal the day before, we woke early in Glendhu Bay on Lake Wanaka. Almost every day on this “holiday” we were up before 7am. No rest for the wicked. The previous day’s cycle literally broke us so we decided to spend a couple of days tramping. For those of you from Europe […]

Arrowtown to Wanaka: Cycling New Zealand P2

Cycling from Arrowtown to Wanaka was never going to be easy but this day took difficult to the extreme. We had two options, either crossing the beastly Crown Range or travelling 116km on the notorious SH6 past Cromwell and the Gibston Valley. The Crown Range is a challenge on most cyclist’s “must conquer list” which […]

Lumsden to Arrowtown: Cycling New Zealand Part 1

My mum flew in from the UK to join me on a one month cycle tour of the South Island. The first five days from Lumsden to Arrowtown encountered many highs and lows. We wild camped beneath the stars, got eaten alive by sandflies and ended up having to cycle 50km back in the direction we had just come. Never a dull day when cycling New Zealand!