Conquering Mt Triglav, Slovenia’s highest peak

The past four years of my life travelling the world has been one big adventure. Whether it’s navigating to a new destination, cycling across India or hiking up a mountain in New Zealand, my adrenaline was on a constant high. In October, I had been back in England for four months and was longing for […]

Climbing Mountains in Norway

My first trip to Norway was an adventurous one. I met my New Zealand hiking buddy for a weekend of mountain peaks, waterfalls and fjords. Snowy hikes presented new challenges and left me with unforgettable memories.

Porto to Sabrosa and beyond: The Douro Valley, Portugal

I had only been back in the UK for a few days when I found myself back on a plane, this time heading to Portugal. When Dad asked me where I wanted to go on holiday I replied “somewhere new”, a long withstanding pledge to myself. I understand why people like to return to their […]