A beautiful day in Te Anau: Southland, New Zealand

My first day trip around the local area certainly didn’t disappoint. Te Anau and the lake running next to it boasts one of the best landscapes I have ever laid eyes on. Snow-capped mountains, lush rolling hills and all sorts of wildlife. Even in the bitter cold of winter, it’s worth a visit.

Auckland, New Zealand

Who would have thought I would be writing this sat having breakfast OUTSIDE in Cornwall Park on a glorious winter morning. Although it’s probably only a matter of time before I moan about the cold or the sky clouds over and the heavens open. Auckland’s like that you see, four seasons in a day. And […]


The famous last words: Perth again, Australia

A visit to Perth is always on my to do list and even more so now my friend Mel has an adorable little boy. It was the famous last words when I joked to my friends that that the week had been fairly uneventful providing me with little stories to share. Little did I know the unimaginable was about to happen.


An idiot’s guide to flying: UK to Australia

I have flown a lot over the past few years but still I manage to get myself into stupid situations. You could call this an idiot’s guide to flying as I make my way from the UK to Australia. Read what happened here >