Moroccan madness: Tangier, Morocco

Our cargo ferry pulled alongside a hillside arabic sign on the coast of Morocco. After much Googling we still don’t know what it says and can’t find any information on it at all, which seems rather odd. We had arrived ahead of schedule but Marco’s expression didn’t look good. “We’re at the wrong port” he […]

Walking Malaga and the Caminito del Rey: Spain

Walking the legendary Caminito del Rey from the small village of El Chorro was a perfect start to our holiday. After our hike we rewarded ourselves with fantastic food and drink in Malaga. Read about our adventure here >>

Conquering Mt Triglav, Slovenia’s highest peak

The past four years of my life travelling the world has been one big adventure. Whether it’s navigating to a new destination, cycling across India or hiking up a mountain in New Zealand, my adrenaline was on a constant high. In October, I had been back in England for four months and was longing for […]

Meet Marco: Skiing in Switzerland

Introducing Marco, my new (ish) partner in crime. We headed to Switzerland for a long weekend to enjoy the snow and visit his friends Nico and Cici. A day in Geneva city, a day on the slopes, a morning to explore and an afternoon to relax in a somewhat naked spa. The final day topped it all. A day walking up a mountain with snow shoes.