Exploring the McKenzie region: Cycling New Zealand – Part 7

In my last post I left you thinking we were setting up camp overlooking Mt Cook which I must apologise for because I’ve become rather muddled up. You see that’s the trouble when getting behind with my blog, I forget which bit went first. It’s often so hard to share my adventures with you as […]

Cycling the Coromandel: New Zealand – Day 1 to 4

Sometimes it’s the people that make it not the destination itself. My first four days of cycling the Coromandel feels like a life time. I’ve met some fascinating people and I have also had some really bizarre experiences. Find out more>

Tongariro Northern Circuit 43km Tramp: New Zealand

The Tongariro Northern Circuit is a 43km walk which includes most of the popular Tongariro Alpine Crossing. I chose possibly the best day to do the crossing but tackled the most horrendous weather on the last day.