The famous last words: Perth again, Australia

A visit to Perth is always on my to do list and even more so now my friend Mel has an adorable little boy. It was the famous last words when I joked to my friends that that the week had been fairly uneventful providing me with little stories to share. Little did I know the unimaginable was about to happen.

Good friends, good times: Perth to Melbourne, Australia

I always have a good time with good friends, no matter what we do. My friend Melody is one of them, we’ve been friends for donkey’s years. During our tomboy years we rode around on her BMX, we secretly camped out over the park all night, we ran a muck at the local kids disco […]

Broome to Perth by road train : Western Australia

Everyone thought I was barmy when I told them I was making the 2200km drive from Broome¬†to Perth by road train. They thought I was even more crazy when I told them I was going with a stranger¬†I didn’t know, a wee snippet of information I refrained from sharing with mum. But life would be […]

The perfect pitstop: Perth, Australia

I couldn’t resist a quick pitstop in Perth before I headed to Melbourne. Ok, it isn’t exactly on the way but when else was my good friend Mel free as a bird with a few days off work? She is the reason why I first wanted to move to Australia all those years ago after […]