A crazy 48 hours in Beijing – Part 1: Beijing, China

A lot can happen in 48 hours especially in Beijing. So much so my story has two parts. Hear about my problems with Chinese authorities, learn about local city life and find out what happened on my first day in Beijing.

Part two of a crazy 48 hours in Beijing: Beijing, China

I had only been in China half a day but I’d already covered so much (read about it here). After a trip to Beihai ParkĀ , Wesley (my coachsurfing host) and I rode the bikes back to Wesley’s neck of the woods (Jishitan) and went for lunch at a local place just round the corner. There…Continue reading Part two of a crazy 48 hours in Beijing: Beijing, China

An idiot’s guide to flying: UK to Australia

I have flown a lot over the past few years but still I manage to get myself into stupid situations. You could call this an idiot’s guide to flying as I make my way from the UK to Australia. Read what happened here >

Lads on tour in Jaipur: Rajasthan, India

Me and the boys spent 9 hours on various classes of Indian Railways for our two day trip to Jaipur. We ate curry, KFC, watched footie and drank beer. Typical. Being the lady that I am, I did indulge in a spot of shopping AND get my hair cut. Find out what went on…