A H’Mong-ous trek – Sapa, Vietnam

Back to basics with the H’Mong tribe You wouldn’t believe the last 48 hours of my life. I say this most days since I’ve been backpacking but the last few days have been extraordinary. So much so, I’m writing this post before the other hundred I have to catch up on to take you where […]

Food glorious food: Hanoi, Vietnam

  After leaving Sven in Cat Ba, the seven of us travelled north to the city of Hanoi, the old capital of Vietnam. Rich in history and culture there’s no shortage of museums and places of interest. Not particularly fond of museums I found there wasn’t much to do in Hanoi¬†apart from eat, which made […]

From heaven to hell in a day: Phong Nha National Park, Vietnam

A hell of a day in more ways than one We arrived at the Phong Nha National Park in good time, only an hour or so late which by Asian standards is great. My hopes had been set in staying at the Phong Nha Farmstay¬†but they were full so I decided to book us all […]

Biking along the Hai Van Pass: Hue, Vietnam

I had done little research before this tip as I believe the only way to learn where to go and how to get there is by talking to people you meet along the way. When asking about Vietnam the majority of people said it’s best to travel by motorbike. Great I thought but only one […]