A lucky catch: Cat Ba Island Halong Bay, Vietnam

Rain or shine, it was a jolly good time. After another terrible night bus we arrived at Haiphong, Vietnam’s third largest city. After missing the morning boat, we retreated to a coffee shop until the next one at 1:30pm, enjoying a breakfast of pork buns and doughnuts. We had decided to explore Halong Bay from Cat […]

Hoi An, Vietnam

Burning the cash whilst piling on the pounds  Where do I start with Hoi An? The delightful little historic town of Hoi An is famous for many things with two of the most important being food and shopping. It’s become a backpackers right of passage to splash the cash on tailor-made garments during their visit, […]

My kind of place; Dalat, Vietnam

Beautiful buildings and friendly people in the mountains We arrived in Dalat too late for the group dinner at Dalat Family, the hostel we had booked for our stay. I was pretty annoyed and what made matters worse is that they had double booked us so we were forced to stay at a guesthouse on the […]

Easy Rider: Nha Trang to Da Lat, Vietnam

If you have the money then do it. Aimee, Lisa, Nicola, Kevin and I were met outside Mojzo Inn by six Vietnamese men on motorbikes. They were Easy Riders, a group of older men, often veterans of the Vietnamese/American war, who tour Vietnam by motorbike. The famous Easy Rider Tours are a great way to see […]