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The Forgotten Highway: Cycling New Zealand Part 3

The Forgotten Highway, notorious for its gruelling profile and lack of amenities, seemed a challenging way to end our cycle tour. It was amazing! Lucky with the weather, Ned and I had the best cycle and met some interesting characters along the way.

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The Timber Trail: Part 2 Cycling New Zealand

Cycling the Timber Trail was always in the back of my mind after kiwi cyclists talk highly of it. Our experience even more special with a bridge swing and camping in an unusual spot. Awesome!

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The Waikato River Trail: Part 1 Cycling New Zealand

It was time for another bike adventure, this time with my friend Ned. In our quest to cycle from Mt Maunganui to Mount Taranaki, we started our journey on the Waikato River Trails. Drama ahead, read on..

Does everything happen for a reason?: Tauranga, New Zealand

  “Always look on the bright side of life”. To be honest I’m really struggling right now. The sun has questionably risen (its so dark and wet out there) and I’ve been in Auckland airport for 16 hours with another 12 to go before my flight. How did this happen I hear you ask? Well…let’s…Continue reading Does everything happen for a reason?: Tauranga, New Zealand