The perfect pools of Pushkar: Rajasthan, India

The summer heat in Pushkar was at an all time high but I managed to escape the heat by the hostel’s pool. Exploring by motorbike, I uncovered picturesque views, market gems and Mr Potato man, Aloo Baba. Such a cool place, such a fun time.

The blue city of Jodhpur: Rajasthan, India

One full day in Jodhpur felt like just the right amount of time. We saw the famous fort, ate an omelette from omelette man and explored the traditional bazaar. Most of my time was spent posing for photos. Find out what went on…

Eventful desert safari by bicycle: Rajasthan, India

A lot can happen in three days of cycling, especially in deserted Rajasthan. With temperatures nearing 50 degrees, no place to sleep and a continuously failing bike, it certainly wasn’t easy. Tough times make good stories, read on….

Good times in Udaipur: Rajasthan, India

I ended up lazing around in Udaipur for an entire week. “Why not?” As the Indian saying goes. Udaipur is stunningly beautiful and has plenty to do like cooking classes, cultural shows and rooftop pools. Tons to tell! Read on…