Off with a bang: From hospital to Broome, Western Australia

What a crazy week! It was my last week at Springvale Station. I was sad to be leaving plus a little anxious about returning to “the real world” and being alone again after spending the last six months living, working, eating and socialising with a close-knit crew. My mind was all over the shop and […]

Springvale Station: The Kimberley

It’s been a while since I last updated you on life and lots has happened like moving to a new home, Springvale Station. I’m not sure what it is but I can’t quite seem to draw myself away from The Kimberley’s in Western Australia, despite spending the most part of last year unable to settle. […]

Fitzroy Valley Rodeo and beyond: WA, Australia

Although we’ve been fairly quiet on the blog recently, life has been full of exciting events like the Fitzroy Valley Campdraft and Rodeo. I’m current sat in a UTE waiting to refuel a helicopter with a young bull (these are┬ácalled Mickey’s) tied up on┬ámy trailer. Little blighter wouldn’t stay with the mob so the lads […]

Exploring the outback: Fitzroy Crossing, Western Australia

Not many people have heard of Fitzroy Crossing, a small outback town four hours north east of Broome in The Kimberley, WA. I certainly never had until I arrived here after a 20 hour bus journey from Darwin. Like most small towns in rural Australia, Fitzroy Crossing has a strong Aboriginal community with over 60% […]