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The first thing people ask me when I tell them I am cycling the length of India is “for which charity?”. While I fully support charity challenges, I do wonder why raising money now seems to be the main reason many people push themselves these days. Whatever happened to challenging ourselves purely because we felt like it? 


Young monks in Myanmar

When out for dinner the other night a few of the girls made a valid point that a trip like this could in fact raise some much needed cash, if I wanted it to. This has never crossed my mind before but when they all asked for my bank details so they could ping some money over it did get me thinking. 


This kid in Laos melted my heart

I’ve seen donation pages on a plenty of travel blogs and sites by cyclists touring the world but the money raised seems to just fund their trips. What if I could do the same but instead of spending the money on myself? I could use it to give to those in need of it most. There’s been plenty of times during my travels where I’ve come across causes I just wish I had the money to help. Whether it’s a course of medicine a parent can’t afford for their child or some new books for a local school, there are plenty of people who would be thankful for a little help. 


Villagers in need in the Philippines

I’m spending the first two weeks of my trip with All Hands Volunteers in one of the most remote districts of Nepal helping clear rubble caused by the 2015 earthquake. They of all people desperately need financial help. So with this in mind, the suggestion from my friends and all those times in the past I wish I had been able to help more, here’s a link to my PayPal page.

Donate here

I’ve looked at doing it through sites like JustGiving but they take a whole wad of cash and aren’t the most helpful bunch. So I’m hoping you will trust me and my judgement to give what’s given in the best way possible. 

Filipino children

Just to reiterate, any money I receive will be kept in a separate account with a separate card and in no way will it be used to fund me or my trip. If a situation occurs during my tour around India where a certain family or organisation need help, the donations will assist this. I’ll write about how the donation have been spent on my site so you can see how your generosity has helped. Any unused donations will be given to All Hands to help their efforts in Nepal. 


A generous family in Cambodia


This is not a plea for money, nor do I expect all of you to feel comfortable using PayPal but like my friends, if you did want to donate a couple of quid to those in need then please let me help. 

If you have any problems with the link or would like to ask me for more information please contact me at remember to subscribe to this blog to follow my journey and see how the money is being spent.

Thanks a million,




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